Business Consumer Complaints

Every year consumers file business consumer complaints in droves. The FTC receives millions of consumer affairs complaints every year. In Utah, the attorney general also receives thousands of similar consumer affairs complaints. Other consumer bureaus receive complaints each year in similar numbers. The shocking part of this story is not how many consumer complaints are … Read more

Penny Auction Scams

Penny auction scams are rampant and insidious. Don’t gamble away your hard-earned money. Penny auction websites purport to offer consumer goods at steeply discounted prices. They advertise pretty much everywhere that consumers can save up to 95% off of retail prices on popular electronics and other consumer goods. With prices that good many consumers ask … Read more

Complaints and Reviews about Mortgage Investors Corporation

Online complaints and reviews about Mortgage Investors Corporation (MIC) are not looking very good for the well-known mortgage company. Indeed, a lot of consumers feel abused by Mortgage Investors’ heavy-handed sales tactics. Other websites including reviews on the the BBB confirm consumers seemingly widespread attitude about MIC. Mortgage Investors Do Not Call Registry Complaints One … Read more

Credit Repair Scam – Fight Back

Are you a victim of a credit repair scam? Credit repair scams are rampant in the consumer credit industry. Even though credit repair companies are governed by both federal and state law, these companies often disregard their legal obligations. The main statute that governs credit repair companies is the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Also known … Read more

Who Scammed You?

Today’s world is full of scams, rip offs, and cons. If you are a victim of a company who scammed you, you know exactly what I mean. Most companies who scam consumers target venerable consumers such as those who are elderly, uneducated, unemployed, disabled, or do not speak English as their primary language. Not all … Read more

Super Dell Kicked a Bird?

Super Dell, a local celebutard here in Utah is lighting up the news again. This time with video footage of him possibly kicking a bird in flight. The video may be fake so don’t come crying to me if you Super Dell haters don’t get to hang him on this one. For the record I … Read more

Can I Sue a Collection Agency for Harassment or Abuse?

In many cases you can sue a collection agency for harassment, abuse, or deception. Collection agencies are governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which prohibits abusive or harassing actions when collecting a debt. Most states also have similar prohibitions under which you can also sue. The reasons for which you can sue … Read more

FTC Complaint? Don’t Bother.

Thinking of filing an FTC complaint? Don’t bother. Yes, the FTC is the federal agency charged with helping consumers resolve complaints but the simple fact is that they will not actually help any individual consumers. Indeed, they will not help you. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however. The FTC shouldn’t be handling individual … Read more

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