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We are your answer to a debt collection lawsuit. Our debt collection trial lawyers stop debt collection lawsuits and collection agency harassment, lies, and abuse and make the debt collectors pay you, or you pay us nothing.

Debt Collection Lawsuits Client Success Stories

Settlement of over $600,000.00 for illegal collection of medical debts

Worker’s compensation medical debts are not the responsibility of the injured employee. When two debt collectors came after our client for those debts our best Utah trial lawyers made them pay her over $600,000.00 in damages.

To our knowledge this is the highest Fair Debt Collection Practices Act damages award or settlement ever obtained in Utah!

Identity theft victim settlement of over $165,000.00

Two debt collectors and a creditor paid our client a total of over $165,000.00 for knowingly continuing to collect identity theft debts illegally in a debt collection lawsuit.

Settlement of over $65,000.00 for collecting old debts outside the statute of limitations

The collection agency had to forgive a tremendous amount of debt and pay our client’s legal fees for trying to apply payments to revive expired statutes of limitations on old debt.

Unlawful wage garnishments result in $151,000.00 FDCPA settlement

A debt collection attorney garnished our client’s wages even after the attorney knew our client was a victim of mistaken identity. That choice resulted in a judgment and eventual settlement against him for $151,000.00.

What is prohibited by the FDCPA?

Other than your spouse, debt collectors may not disclose the debt to your family, friends, co-workers, employer, or other third parties.

Debt collectors may contact third parties to find you, but only once.

Debt collectors generally may not communicate with you;
  • at any inconvenient time or place,
  • before 8:00 a.m. or 9 p.m. without your authorization,
  • if they know you are represented by an attorney,
  • at your work if they know you cannot receive collection calls at work, or
  • after you notify them in writing that you refuse to pay the debt or tell them to stop contacting you.
  • Making threats of arrest, imprisonment, violence, or to press criminal charges against you.
  • Using obscene, profane, offensive, or racist language.
  • Continually ringing your phone or engaging you in conversation with the intent to annoy, abuse, or harass you
Debt collectors may not use any false or deceptive representations to collect a debt including;
  • falsely representing the character, nature, or legal status of a debt,
  • falsely pretending to be an attorney, court, law enforcement officer, or government official,
  • threatening to imprison you for failing to pay the debt,
  • threatening to sue you or take your property or wages to pay a debt if it is not lawful to do so and the debt collector does not intend to carry out its threats,
  • falsely representing that because the debt was sold, transferred, or assigned you lost your legal defenses or became subject to harassing or abusive conduct,
  • falsely accusing you of committing a crime such as check fraud or identity theft to collect the debt,
  • reporting the debt falsely in your credit reports or to others,
  • using a name to collect the debt other than their own actual legal name.
  • Collecting any amount not authorized by the contract or permitted by law
  • Seizing property without legal justification
  • Depositing postdated checks early
  • Communicating with debtors by postcard
  • Using a name on envelopes other than their true name
  • Using their true name on an envelope if it reveals they are collecting a debt
  • Failure to provide notice of the amount of the debt and name of the original creditor within 5 days of the first communication.
  • Failure to provide notice that the consumer has a right to request verification of the debt.
  • Failure to provide verification of the debt within thirty days when requested in writing.
Generally, legal actions by debt collectors must be filed in the proper judicial district where the debtor either resides when the case is filed or signed the contract.

Special debt collection lawsuit situations

Industrial worker cutting metal on a lathe

Workers Compensation Debt Collection Lawsuits

Workers compensation collections create special circumstances most attorneys don’t understand. Still, we can dispute and resolve medical collections. Under Utah law debt collection agencies cannot collect workers compensation medical bills. If a collection agency is suing you for medical bills from a work-related injury, we can help. We can also work directly with your workers compensation attorney to stop these collections.

identity theif working at a computer to steal credit card information

Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, and Mistaken Identity

You normally do not have to pay debts incurred by someone illegally in your name. Whether you are a victim of fraud or mistaken identity we can dispute and stop these collections and make the collection agencies pay you. They can be held responsible for the harm they caused by trying to collect. When you don’t owe the debt hold the debt collector, collection agency, credit card company, or collection attorney accountable.

frustrated consumer seeking an answer to credit card lawsuits

Collection Agency Harassment

Collection agency harassment is unacceptable. Don’t tolerate it under any circumstances. Debt collectors and credit card companies are required to treat you truthfully and with respect. They cannot harass you; call you at inconvenient times or places; or contact co-worker’s, friends, neighbors, or family members to collect a debt. Moreover, the harassment must stop when you tell them in writing to stop. The harassment also stops when you hire an attorney.

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“Mr. Stephenson was always great at keeping us informed about the next steps and what options we have. He really knows the law and his specialty. For instance, he even had to explain the law to the attorneys on the other side.”


Eric was such a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!

“Eric, was amazing to work with. He guided me step by step and provided exceptional service. Always was there to answer any questions I had and replied quickly.”

“This was my first time needing a lawyer and I got to admit this was such a good experience.”


Won my case quickly and without a trial.

“Mr. Stephenson helped me successfully sue a telemarketing company who had been harassing me. He was able to get $10,000 from them in an out of court settlement.”


List of Debt Collectors in Utah

We have prevailed against all of Utah’s biggest and best debt collection agencies, creditors, and collection attorneys including, among others:

  • Express Recovery Services
  • Edwin B. Parry
  • Johnson Mark LLC
  • NAR Inc. Collections
  • Bonneville Billing and Collections
  • LVNV Funding LLC
  • Knight Adjustment Bureau Collections
  • Jay Barney
  • Medicredit
  • NPAS
  • Olson Shaner
  • Credit Collection Services
  • Portfolio Recovery Associates
  • Cherrington Law Firm
  • Aldous and Associates
  • Mountain Land Collections
  • The Law Office of Kirk A. Cullimore
  • IC Systems
  • Constantino Law Office
  • Gurstel Law Firm
  • Merchants and Medical
  • North American Recovery
  • Utah County Constable Michael Erickson
  • and many others.
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