Credit Repair Dispute Letters

Well-written credit repair dispute letters are crucial to effectively repairing your credit. Here are some tips on how to write an effective credit repair dispute letter.

Form Credit Repair Dispute Letters

Traditional credit repair organizations typically send form letters to dispute credit information. Those form credit repair dispute letters are problematic for several reasons. First, because the credit bureaus get the same letter over and over again, the credit bureaus easily recognize form letters and respond by stalling the credit correction process and refusing to re-investigate challenges. Another problem with form credit repair dispute letters is that they are typically detrimental to any litigation that occurs as a result of the challenge. Many form letters acknowledge the debt or promise to pay the underlying debt even when the consumer does not actually owe the debt or has a legal defense to repayment of the debt. Such form credit repair dispute letters will fail to protect, and sometimes even completely waive, consumers’ rights. Without doubt, taking a form credit repair dispute letter into a lawsuit is one sure fire way to weaken your claim. Credit repair organizations typically don’t care about consumers’ rights but certainly the consumers themselves do. The simple fact is that if you want to preserve your rights do not send a form dispute letter.

Free Credit Repair Dispute Letters

Free credit repair letters consumers download from the Internet have the same issues as form disputes. The credit bureaus often recognize the letters and stall or ignore disputes, the letters are detrimental to litigation efforts, and the letters fail to preserve consumers’ rights. Free credit repair letters also leave consumers with a false expectation that credit repair is easy.

Credit Repair Dispute Letters for Litigation

One way to be sure your credit repair efforts are effective is to hire an experienced credit repair attorney. Only then can you be sure your dispute letters preserve your legal rights and set an appropriate stage for litigation if needed. Credit repair organizations do not sue and do not comprehend the intricacies of drafting litigation-ready credit repair dispute letters. Indeed, most credit repair organizations focus more on their marketing efforts and preventing consumers from suing them than they do on being effective consumer advocates. On the other hand, a good consumer protection attorney will always put your interests ahead of his own and he will have the legal training and experience necessary to protect your legal rights.

Do It Yourself Credit Repair

Do it yourself credit repair is another excellent way to protect your rights and achieve the desired results. It does take a little effort to carefully and correctly draft credit repair dispute letters but the results are well worth the effort. Just remember to be polite and truthful in your self-help letters for best results. It is also important that you do not acknowledge the debt, pay the debt, or promise to pay the debt since doing so can reset the statute of limitations to collect the debt or even result in waiving viable legal defenses to repayment of the debt. For best results always consult a consumer rights lawyer before taking any action to repair your own credit.


If you want to get the best results and preserve your rights, don’t use form disputes, free disputes, or a credit repair mill. Instead, hire an experienced credit repair attorney to help you dispute credit report errors. Only then can you be sure your letters are properly drafted in such a way as to preserve your legal rights and avoid the earmarks of a credit repair organization that will get your disputes stalled, ignored, or rejected. Attorney-drafted credit dispute letters will also provide you with litigation-ready letters; a must if you have damages due to a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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