Digis Reviews and Complaints

Negative Digis Reviews and Complaints

Digis reviews and complaints are taking a nasty turn since the company took over for Wireless Beehive in Tooele County a few months ago. I can attest from personal experience that the service frequently goes completely down and is extremely slow; especially when compared to when Wireless Beehive was operating the wireless service.

Digis Service Outages and Slow Speeds

Frankly, it initially seemed inconceivable to me that the wireless network would be somehow slower when Digis took over from Wireless Beehive but that is exactly what happened. I have noticed a slowdown and several of my neighbors have expressed negative Digis reviews and complaints based on slower speeds and frequent outages since the transition. Indeed, many of us have left this company or are currently seeking an alternative company as a result of the poor performance.

The problem is not just anecdotal, however. The company has confirmed to me that the service is slower now than what customers were receiving under Wireless Beehive. The reason is simple. According to one of its customer service agents, Wireless Beehive was feeding its wireless transmission towers with fiber optic cable and when they transitioned to the new company stopped doing so. That change slowed speeds considerably. According to Digis the loss of the fiber optic feeds combined with outdated towers are the reasons for the slower speeds. He said the company now has only half the available bandwidth that Wireless Beehive had available. Digis is trying to replace the towers now which accounts for the frequent outages but that is little consolation for customers who need service now. Indeed, I had to write this blog entry offline and post it later since the service was down when I wrote this consumer article.

Digis Customer Service

The most astounding thing to me however, is the attitude the company has toward its customers. The service went down today and when I called to find out when service would be restored the response I got was quite surprising. The customer service agents I spoke with simply did not care that I wanted to use the service for which I pay nor did they care that I was planning to cancel and go to another provider. They did not offer me a refund or even bother to encourage me to stay with Digis. Even more astounding than their apathy, however, was their admission that they were not providing the service for which I was paying. One agent even stated that once the new towers are up their customers will “start getting the speeds they are paying for.” Seriously, he actually confirmed that Digis customers have been paying for bandwidth that the company was not even capable of providing. It should surprise no one for such poor customer service to give rise to a negative Digis review and complaint from me.

Cancelling Digis

The bottom line for me is that I am cancelling my service with this company. Frequent outages and half the speeds for which I pay equals a rip off. Digis wants to blame these problems on equipment failures but, in my book, such problems are simply poor management. The transition from Wireless Beehive was poorly executed and grossly mismanaged. Digis executives should have foreseen and planned for the loss of bandwidth before ever making the transition and should have negotiated with Wireless Beehive to keep the fiber feeds open for at least a few months while they replace the towers. Moreover, if Digis reviews are to improve, they should be offering refunds to their customers that have been charged for service they have not received.


If you are a former customer of Wireless Beehive in Tooele County with service now performed by Digis and have been plagued by the frequent outages and slowdowns, please contact me immediately. I can help you resolve your Digis complaint in a favorable and reasonable manner.

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