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Identity Theft and Mistaken Identity Client Success Stories

One Week for Complete Credit Report Recovery

In one week Stephenson Law Firm removed three stolen accounts from my credit reports and completely stopped all collections of those fraudulent accounts saving me thousands of dollars!

Real Estate Agent
Salt Lake City, Utah

Dream Home Mortgage Approval

Our mortgage was approved and we avoided a lawsuit after Mr. Stephenson removed an inaccurate account from our credit reports! Thanks to Mr. Stephenson, my wife and I are now enjoying our new home.

Police Officer
Salt Lake City, Utah

Completely Stopped Debt Collections of Fraudulent Accounts

Mr. Stephenson saved me tens of thousands of dollars by stopping multiple debt collectors seeking to collect stolen debts from me that were never mine to pay.

Customer Service
Sandy, Utah

Don’t Be a Victim. Fight Back!

Our attorneys provide the best identity theft recovery available to get back your good name fast. We repair the damage to your credit and stop credit fraud and mistaken identity debt collections, unauthorized credit card use, and other financial fraud. Our firm can secure your credit and restore your good name.

Credit fraud studies demonstrate that people who have their identities stolen suffer emotional damage similar to victims of violent crimes. Fraud victims also frequently experience physical health problems. Those problems include trouble sleeping, headaches, chest pains, anxiety, nausea, and fatigue. In addition to the emotional impact, victims of credit card fraud and bank account fraud also face substantial difficulty obtaining credit, insurance, medical care, and employment. Despite these issues you don’t have to be a victim. We can help.

How to Know if You’re a Victim of Identity Theft

Look for these signs of potential credit fraud to find out if you’re a victim of identity theft.

  • Unfamiliar credit card charges or purchases
  • Bank account withdrawals or payments you did not authorize
  • Hard inquiries on your credit reports you didn’t authorize
  • Letters of denial for accounts, loans, or credit cards you didn’t apply for
  • Collection calls for debt that is not yours
  • Collection lawsuits for accounts and charges you didn’t authorize
  • Wage garnishments for debts you don’t owe
  • Stolen IRS tax refund check
  • Online bank accounts, credit card accounts, and other online accounts that have locked you out of accessing
  • Data breach notifications from banks, credit cards, or other creditors
  • Warrants out for your arrest for crimes or criminal charges you were not aware of

In addition to these examples of credit fraud, you may notice other signs of potential theft of your financial information. If you see or hear anything unexpected or unusual with your credit, bank accounts, or online information you may be a victim of identity theft.

How do I get my free credit report

You can get a free copy of your credit report at each nationwide credit bureau once every 12 months through You may also get free credit reports at but they will upsell you everything under the sun so we recommend sticking with their free services. Each of the credit bureaus also have programs to provide your credit reports but some are paid services so we recommend using once a year for your free credit reports and Credit Karma if you want to periodically check your credit scores.

Don’t be a victim. Repair your credit and stop the fraud.

It is not easy to report identity theft properly. If you report identity theft on your own and your efforts fail to stop the fraud or repair your credit reports you may need to sue the perpetrator, bank, credit card company, or others. If more complicated identity fraud issues arise such as criminal financial fraud, medical identity fraud, tax refund interception, or child identity theft arise contact us now.

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