Mortgage Investors Corporation Lawsuits

Mortgage Investors Corporation lawsuits seem like an extreme measure to take but if Mortgage Investors Corporation is harassing you with repeated unwanted telemarketing calls, a Mortgage Investors Corporation lawsuit may be the best way to stop the harassment. Indeed, Mortgage Investors Corporation was recently fined by the FTC for harassing and deceiving consumers.

Stop the Calls: Step One

If Mortgage Investors Corporation (MIC) is harassing you with repeated telemarketing calls your first step is to ask it to stop calling. If they truly want to uphold the law and respect your rights no other steps will be needed, including a Mortgage Investors Corporation lawsuit.

If MIC is calling your cell phone be sure to tell it so. It is important for Mortgage Investors Corporation to understand what it is doing and just how stressful it can be to get repeated calls to your cell phone at inconvenient times.

It is equally important for you to answer every call, tell MIC to stop calling, take clear notes of the date, time, caller, and what you said to each other, and to also be sure to take a picture or screenshot of the caller ID for future proof in case a Mortgage Investors Corporation lawsuit ever becomes necessary.

Stop the Calls: Step Two

Your next step should be to place your telephone number on the do not call list. Again, MIC needs to understand how serious you are about stopping telemarketing calls and the do not call list is a good way to let them know.

Stop the Calls: Step Three

The first step alone should stop the calls, if MIC cares about your privacy and the law. Unfortunately, however, Mortgage Investors Corporation seems to be generating enough online complaints that they may keep calling you even after you repeatedly request they stop. If they do, a Mortgage Investors Corporation lawsuit is an excellent way to stop the calls and make MIC pay you damages.

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Mortgage Investors Corporation, like other telemarketers, can be liable to you for between $500 and $1500 per call after you tell it to stop calling. Hire an attorney for his however. Yes, you can take a Mortgage Investors Corporation lawsuit to small claims court but you will almost certainly get better results hiring a consumer protection attorney and taking a Mortgage Investors Corporation lawsuit to federal court.


Consumers across the country are being harassed by Mortgage Investors Corporation. MIC seems to be engaging in a concerted campaign of heavily telemarketing to consumers who want the calls to stop but Mortgage Investors Corporation just won’t listen. There are numerous online complaints about Mortgage Investors Corporation with stories of consumers receiving dozens of unwanted calls, even after telling MIC to stop calling. Those consumers should consider suing Mortgage Investors instead. A lawsuit stops the calls but an online complaint does not.

Mortgage Investors Corporation lawsuits can be an effective way to stop the annoying telemarketing calls made by Mortgage Investors Corporation. The truth is you don’t have to be a victim. You can stop the calls and make MIC pay you damages.

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