Booted by Parking Solutions? Fight back!

Parking Solutions, a Salt Lake City, Utah based company, issues tickets and immobilizes vehicles for various businesses around the Salt Lake valley. In some of these cases, they are doing so illegally. If they booted you without just cause you may want to file a complaint with the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Consumer … Read more

Identity Theft Protection Company LifeLock Fined $100 Million for Deceptive Sales Practices

Identity theft protection services company LifeLock® has been in trouble for deceptive practices and misleading consumers in the past but lately have been taking even more heat than before. In 2010, LifeLock entered into a settlement agreement with the Federal Trade Commission after it was accused of making false claims regarding the effectiveness of its … Read more

Used Car Buying Tips

Bill Gephardt posted an article on KSL warning consumers of the dangers of buying a used car. Gephardt’s warning arises mostly because Utah has no lemon law that applies to the purchase of a used car. Buyer beware is the watchword. Gephardt is right that if you purchase a used car and its engine explodes … Read more

Seven Peaks Pass of All Passes Complaints

I just read an article about the famous Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes. Apparently consumers are filing complaints about not receiving these passes in a timely manner. Consumers are even contacting Get Gephardt to try to get help. Fortunately, there is no need to contact Get Gephardt or even me in this case. Seven … Read more

Super Dell Kicked a Bird?

Super Dell, a local celebutard here in Utah is lighting up the news again. This time with video footage of him possibly kicking a bird in flight. The video may be fake so don’t come crying to me if you Super Dell haters don’t get to hang him on this one. For the record I … Read more

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