Seven Peaks Pass of All Passes Complaints

I just read an article about the famous Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes. Apparently consumers are filing complaints about not receiving these passes in a timely manner. Consumers are even contacting Get Gephardt to try to get help. Fortunately, there is no need to contact Get Gephardt or even me in this case. Seven Peaks is responding to these complaints favorably and taking care of its customers as it should. No real drama needed.

Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes

What is the Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes you ask? Well, simply put it is an awesome pass you get that gets you into the various Seven Peaks Water Parks in the Salt Lake and Provo areas very cheaply. My wife got them so she and the kids could play all summer and they are indeed awesome passes for summer fun in Utah.

Pass of All Passes Complaints

The Pass of all Passes complaints consumer have are not about the passes themselves at all. The complaints about the passes is that the passes are not getting delivered in a timely manner. The complaints seem to stem more from early purchasers than those who bought the passes recently however. My wife for example, bought our passes sometime in April and received them just three or four weeks later. As far as I can tell complaints about these passes seem to be already resolved by the time you read this. Summer fun here we come.

Obtaining Your Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes

Since Seven Peaks now seems to be delivering the passes pretty quickly now I wouldn’t worry too much about it if you haven’t received yours yet. It will probably come soon. If not, don’t worry. Just go to a Seven Peaks water park and have them process the passes there. They have agreed to let pass holders who have not yet received the passes come in anyway as long as you have your receipt proving you ordered the Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes.


Seven Peaks has very nicely handled the Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes problem. Take your receipt in and have a good time. Frankly, if all companies handled complaints and glitches as well as Seven Peaks has handled this problem I would be out of a job. No, there is no need to call me if you haven’t received your passes yet. And certainly don’t Get Gephardt. Just let Seven Peaks sort it out for you. The summer heat is here. Get your Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes and go play.

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