How to Dispute Errors in Your Credit Report

Credit report errors are far too common. Indeed, studies suggest that as many as 25 percent of credit reports could contain serious errors. The most common errors are identity errors, incorrect account information, and fraudulent accounts. There are certainly many other kinds of errors but these are the most prevalent. Identity Errors Identity errors occur … Read more

Identity Theft Debt Collection

Identity theft debt collection causes millions of Americans undue financial and emotional hardship every year. Debt collectors can be ruthless in their efforts to collect debt and are often skeptical and unsympathetic when a consumer claims to be a victim of identity theft. Restoring your credit after your identity is stolen can take time, money, … Read more

Credit Repair Dispute Mistakes

Many credit repair companies fail to understand even the most basic concepts of ethical and legitimate credit repair. For them, credit repair dispute mistakes are common. Unfortunately, even many of the industry leaders lack the knowledge required to ethically and competently repair credit on behalf of consumers. Ordering Credit Reports Ordering credit reports is an … Read more

Credit Repair Dispute Letters

Well-written credit repair dispute letters are crucial to effectively repairing your credit. Here are some tips on how to write an effective credit repair dispute letter. Form Credit Repair Dispute Letters Traditional credit repair organizations typically send form letters to dispute credit information. Those form credit repair dispute letters are problematic for several reasons. First, … Read more

Utah Credit Repair Do It Yourself Tips

Consumers often ask me about the best way to dispute errors on their credit reports. Because some Utah credit repair organizations do not protect consumers’ rights, and in some cases actually waive those rights, I recommend consumers hire an experienced credit repair attorney to help. Ambitious consumers can also choose to do it yourself. Here … Read more

Do It Yourself Credit Repair

The FTC recommends do it yourself credit repair for many reasons. In some ways we agree but, in most cases, hiring a credit repair attorney may be a better solution. Time and Cost of Do It Yourself Credit Repair Consumers who engage in do it yourself credit repair may save a little money over consumers … Read more

Credit Repair Scam – Fight Back

Are you a victim of a credit repair scam? Credit repair scams are rampant in the consumer credit industry. Even though credit repair companies are governed by both federal and state law, these companies often disregard their legal obligations. The main statute that governs credit repair companies is the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Also known … Read more

Credit Repair Scams: Part Two

We previously discussed a few common credit repair scams but believe it or not, there are additional deceptive or fraudulent acts in the credit repair world to be cautious about. Purposely Delaying the Credit Repair Process Most credit repair companies charge monthly fees which encourages them to work slowly or inefficiently. The simple fact is … Read more

Credit Repair Scams

You may be surprised to know that there are many common types of scams in the credit repair industry.  Under federal law any deceptive or fraudulent act by a credit repair organization is considered a credit repair scam but other acts can also be unlawful. Many states also have similar prohibitions. Deceptive Representations The most … Read more

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