Top Consumer Complaints in Utah

What are the top consumer complaints I get each year? The answer may surprise you — or maybe it won’t. The top consumer complaints I receive are as follows:

Unfair Debt Collection

Abusive debt collections are easily the number one consumer complaint I get each year. Indeed, as the economy worsens abusive debt collections increase in both frequency and intensity. You don’t have to be a victim however. A good consumer protection attorney can stop debt collectors from abusing you and can even make them pay you and your attorney’s fees. This is one area where consumers should not hesitate to call an attorney for help.

Harassing Telemarketing Calls

Every year more consumers are getting harassed by annoying calls from telemarketers. Whether it is robo-calls to cell phones or calls to telephone numbers listed in the do-not-call registry a good consumer rights attorney can stop the calls and make the caller pay you for the harassment. The possible awards to consumers for unlawful telemarketing practices can be substantial so keep good records of the calls and call a consumer rights attorney immediately if you are a victim.

Car Purchase Disputes

Consumers make numerous mistakes when purchasing a car. These mistakes cost them thousands of dollars and force many consumers to own a car they hate. Some of these disputes are over the price of the car while other complaints arise about deceptive representations made by the salesmen. Perhaps the biggest complaint I hear from consumers is that the car they bought was defective in some way. Simply having a competent mechanic thoroughly examine the car before you buy it is the best way to assure you won’t buy a lemon.

False Credit Reporting

The credit bureaus often report information inaccurately. This ranks high among the top consumer complaints I receive each year. Most consumers don’t know how to properly correct false reporting and the Internet is full of incorrect information on the issue. Although consumers can dispute credit report inaccuracies on their own it is often easier and more effective to hire a consumer rights attorney to help you. The simple fact is that a good attorney can often get results consumers cannot get on the own.

Identity Theft

I am never surprised by the amount of consumer complaints I receive from consumers that are victims of identity theft. There are large numbers of victims every year. I am often surprised by how many don’t take proper action to restore their identity or to lock down their credit to prevent future identity theft. Most have no idea how to restore their identity and don’t even consider calling an attorney. Bad move. A consumer rights attorney can help restore your identity in as little as a week or less. Call me if that sounds too good to be true and I will prove it.

Cell Phone Contracts

Cell phone companies are relentless in trying to keep consumers locked into bad and lengthy contracts. Most of those contracts are valid and enforceable but a lot of consumers complain that they were lied to in the formation of the contract or received a phone that failed to work as intended. In many of these cases consumers can get out of cell phone contracts without paying the oppressively high cancellation fees so common in the industry.


That’s it for my list of the most common consumer complaints I get each year. There are certainly others but these are the most common. In each of these cases consumers can represent themselves but will usually get better results by hiring a consumer protection attorney. In any event, don’t be a victim of any of these consumer complaints.

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