Complaints and Reviews about Mortgage Investors Corporation

Online complaints and reviews about Mortgage Investors Corporation (MIC) are not looking very good for the well-known mortgage company. Indeed, a lot of consumers feel abused by Mortgage Investors’ heavy-handed sales tactics. Other websites including reviews on the the BBB confirm consumers seemingly widespread attitude about MIC.

Mortgage Investors Do Not Call Registry Complaints

One primary complaint is that Mortgage Investors (also known as MIC) is calling and harassing consumers listed on the do-not-call list. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) many of these calls are illegal. Not all the calls are unlawful, however. Telemarketers like MIC can call a consumer listed on the do not call registry if it has a recent business relationship with the consumer or the consumer authorizes the call. Unfortunately, however, according to many of the complaints online, MIC is calling without a relationship or authorization.

Mortgage Investors Do Not Call Request Complaints

Another reason for the complaints about Mortgage Investors is that it continues calling consumers after the consumer explicitly requests it to stop. Once a reasonable time from the request has passed, any further calls are also unlawful under the TCPA. This is true even if the consumer is not listed in the do not call registry.

Complaints about Mortgage Investors Sales Tactics

Mortgage Investors is also getting a lot of complaints about being abusive during its in-person meetings with consumers. According to the complaints, salesman are often rude and condescending to anyone showing even a little resistance to the sales pitch. A couple of consumers also complained about dishonesty regarding the terms of the mortgage issued and the tactics MIC used to sell it.

Sue Mortgage Investors Corporation

The good news is that if you haven’t already taken out a mortgage with Mortgage Investors then you don’t have to be at its’ mercy. You can fight back and even make them stop calling. Here’s how:

First, put your name on the federal do not call registry. It takes time for your request to take effect so your next step is to tell Mortgage Investors to stop calling you. Request its internal do not call policy also. MIC has to honor your requests. If it doesn’t, start tracking the calls. Take notes on the date, time, number called from, name of the person calling, and any other details of the call that you can. Take pictures of the caller ID to support your claims. You should also obtain copies of your telephone records to prove each call occurred.

Once you have gathered your notes, pictures of the caller ID, and telephone records make an appointment with a consumer protection attorney. Even if you don’t hire him, his insight and evaluation of your case will be helpful. You should then either hire an attorney to represent you or you can file your own lawsuit in small claims court. If you have proof of more than 20 calls after you requested any telemarketer to stop contacting you please call an attorney. If not, you will be potentially losing thousands of dollars in damages.


Stopping MIC or any other telemarketer from calling you is easy. Tell it to stop calling, put your number on the do not call registry, and sue if necessary. If you need help, call me at 801-297-2494 today. I am an experienced consumer protection attorney with experience suing abusive telemarketers and can evaluate your case for free.

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