Kyle Rittenhouse is a Hero

A client of mine posted a tweet supporting the lawful use of self defense. This is two basic human rights. The right to defend yourself from harm by others and the right to freely speak your mind. Twitter banned him. The claim was that he glorified violence with his tweet. He has appealed his ban but here is the post and warning from Twitter. It will remain on this website in perpetuity. Twitter can’t touch me.

I will also add that Mr. Robar is 100% correct that the prosecutor should be disbarred for this prosecution. I have not been following the trial as closely as I should but there are three reasons I can think of at the top of my head for a disbarment. There are likely others.

First, he prosecuted the case. Kyle Rittenhouse clearly did not murder anyone. The videos are so clear that he was defending himself anyone with half a brain can see that. This is indeed a political prosecution.

Second, the prosecution concealed exculpatory evidence. That means he had evidence that he concealed from the defense team. The evidence was video the FBI had in its possession but didn’t want to provide because it is corrupt and pushing its own agenda with this sham prosecution.

Third, the prosecutor lied in court to the jury at least twice. He lied when he said hollow point bullets explode. They don’t. Not even close. He also lied when he said “You lose the right to self-defense when you’re the one who brought the gun.” That is so incredibly false its sad that a lawyer was stupid and corrupt enough to say it. You absolutely to do not lose your right to defend yourself just because you brought the ability to defend yourself. The non-aggressor can, and trigger warning, absolutely should use lethal force to defend himself and others from lethal force.

The right to defend yourself is a God-given right. It is never taken away legitimately. Never. Indeed, the right to defend yourself from harm is so sacred it is enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Neither of those documents grants you that right. They exist to warn the government you posses that unalienable right regardless of what it thinks or does.

Think about what that would actually mean if you lose your right to defend yourself because you brought a gun. First, it would allow evil people to kill you with impunity. Of course, that is what this whole prosecution is about. The communists running this clown show want you to lose that right. They don’t care how they take it; whether by force or deception makes no difference to the corrupt.

Police officers would also lose their right to defend themselves automatically since they all brought a gun to the fight. Yes, this is what the communists want but it is not rational. Is anything they do?

I could say more on this topic but will save that for another day. The takeaway here is that this prosecutor should be disbarred if not prosecuted himself for his conduct. I will also add that I too believe Kyle Rittenhouse is a true hero in every sense of the word.

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